Problem Importing a SimBrief Flight Plan into the G1000NXi

I am on Xbox and have recently taken out a Navigraph Ultimate subscription in order to use it to plan and import flight plans into aircraft with the Avionics Plug-In like the HJet, Vision Jet and FSR500.

Everything has been going well so far with the exception of when I tried to import the “Caribbean Delights” route which Jorge Mix created (I believe) [refer Huddison Discord - specifically upcoming-livestream-flights-info / Huddison post 21/02/2024 17:40]. The route, which is just 4 airports separated by User Defined Waypoints (co-ordinates), is as follows:-

TQPF DCT 181220N0630608W DCT 181137N0630828W DCT 180949N0631032W DCT 180913N0631025W DCT 180217N0630746W DCT TNCM DCT 180105N0630543W DCT 180002N0630338W DCT 175415N0625121W DCT TFFJ DCT 175416N0625018W DCT 175500N0624958W DCT 175533N0625112W DCT 175514N0625119W DCT 175531N0625204W DCT 173741N0631350W DCT 173727N0631432W DCT 173746N0631502W DCT 173830N0631434W DCT 173858N0631348W DCT 173839N0631303W DCT 172960N0630108W DCT 172901N0625945W DCT 173023N0625801W DCT 172059N0624549W DCT 171930N0624702W DCT 171830N0624542W DCT 172031N0624234W DCT 171925N0624157W DCT TKPK

I copied and pasted this route into SimBrief, added the Depart & Arrive airports and “Generated Flight”. In MSFS I selected the FSR500 (lite livery) and in the World Map spawned at TQPF RWY 29. Using the EFB in the FSR I selected “Flight Plan” and successfully imported the route from SimBrief, which appeared as it does in CHARTS with all the waypoints shown as map co-ordinates. (I previously entered the required Code in Navigraph).

Then I went to “Settings” to check that “Import to G1000NXi” was selected - so far so good. However when I inspected the flight plan in the G1000 it seems as though all the waypoints (co-ordinates) have been ignored and only the 4 airports appeared with direct routes between them.

Sorry this query is a bit long, but I wanted to provide you with all the relevant information.

Can you please provide some advice on why this is? or what I am doing wrong? Perhaps it is a question best put to others, in which case can you please point me in the right direction.

Hello! Thanks for the feedback! Let’s take a look together.

What setting is this? If I understand you correctly, this is a feature that Navigraph has not developed. You would likely have better luck trying to reach the aircraft/EFB developer to see if they have any ideas!

Did you try importing your flight from SimBrief using the “Flight Plan Catalog” feature built into the G1000?

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Hi Malte,

The setting is on the FSR500 EFB under Settings / “Send SB Plan to G1000NXi”. I expect it would be a feature created by the aircraft developer, I think his name is Raul, in conjunction with Navigraph presumably.

I have looked at the “Flight Plan Catalog” under FPL on the MFD. It just lists the flight as TQPF/TKPK and nothing happens when you highlight it and press ENT. I think “Send SB Plan to G1000NXi” is supposed to do this.

I will try Raul and see if he can explain why the waypoints are not appearing.

Thanks for your help.

That’s fully expected since that is not how you use that page. Instead, there should be an Activate button along the bottom which should be enabled when you highlight a flight in the list! Pressing this button should prompt you if you want to load the flight, and you should just have to press OK!

The setting you are talking about sounds like it is meant to allow you to send your flightplan from the EFB to the G1000, which is an integration that Raul has built himself.

Could you confirm if it is working as intended through the flight plan catalog?

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Yes! After I pressed the “Activate” button and “Load” the full flight plan including all the waypoints appeared. I can confirm it works through the FP Catalog. (I had no idea this extra step was required.)

Brilliant - thanks for your help.

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Happy to hear it!

Yeah, the interactions in the G1000 can be a bit weird sometimes. But this is how it is done in the real unit, so we made our implementation identical to keep the realism!

I’m sure Raul would still appreciate it if you told him about your issue with the EFB sync!

Kind Regards,