Navigraph charts 8 and flyhpad

I am confused with the intergration with simbrief;
Without a proper subscription, I was creating a flp in simbrief, loaded it in fly pad and thereafter to MCDU via init request;
After obtaining the subscription, I create the flight plan via Charts 8, load i in the map screen of MSFS and add more info in the MCDU, however FLYPAD remains black/inoperative
Which is the proper procedure?

Hello! Thanks for posting.

To begin with, please note that Navigraph is not the developer behind the FBW Flypad. I am not able to answer any technical questions about that EFB.

What I can tell you though, is what you can expect from their integration based on my limited knowledge about it! You can expect to be able to:

  • Import flights from SimBrief (with or without a subscription, SimBrief is free)
  • Show charts (only with an Ultimate subscription)

There is no way to directly import a flight from our Charts app (or the in-game panel). The Flypad only supports loading flightplans from SimBrief, not Navigraph Charts.

It used to be possible by using the “Export to simulator” option in the in-game panel and then manually initiating a re-synchronization of the simulator flightplan into the A32NX using a button in the Flypad, but I don’t think that’s possible anymore unfortunately as I cannot find it in their documentation.

In the end, you are better off asking these questions in the FBW Discord server, as they surely have more information and knowledge about the details of the Flypad specifically. I hope what I have written helps clear up at least the initial question!

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Thank you for your answer and the clarifications; taking into consideration same, I would like to put foreword the following question:
In case I use my unlimited subscription, is there reason to use simbrief save for the option to load the flight plan to the fly pad via the simbrief?
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If you ask me, there certainly is! SimBrief provides the performance aspect, as well as enhanced ETOPS planning functionality and much, much more. It can also export wind data that can be used by integrations like the one in the Flypad to give a more accurate experience.

I would say that Navigraph Charts and SimBrief complete each other. My normal workflow is to start in SimBrief to get the numbers and a realistic OFP file, and then import that flight into charts which takes one click with the “Import into Charts” button:

Then I have the full route with associated procedures, charts, telemetry and live weather data (among many other features) loaded in the Charts app, and can proceed to load the same flightplan into my addon of choice using its SimBrief integration!

In my view, one does not replace the other. They both make a great team!

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Thank you! really helpful;
I noetd you wrote “and can proceed to load the same flightplan into my addon of choice using its SimBrief integration!”
Do you mean that the updated flightplan in charts can be loaded in MSFS (or other sim) via the simbried? I thought it could be loaded only from the main screen of MSFS by pressing spacebar, load etc.

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No, any modifications you make to the route in Navigraph Charts cannot be loaded into an addon that only has SimBrief integration.

If you need to make changes to the route that SimBrief provides before loading it into your addon, you have two options after making your changes:

  1. Export the flight to a PLN file, and load that into the simulator. This only works if the addon in question supports loading flightplan data from the simulator directly, see the FBW documentation on this topic.

  2. Export the flight by pressing the “Copy to clipboard” option in the export menu, and then create a flight in SimBrief using that route. You can do this by pasting (Ctrl + V) the route in this box when generating the flight:


    When that is done and a new flight has been generated, you can load that into your aircraft the normal way through its SimBrief integration!

SimBrief uses the same route planner as Navigraph, so in most cases, #2 is not necessary unless you make manual changes to your route, in which case you will need new performance calculations either way.

If you prefer doing the route planning yourself, I would follow this process:

  • Plan flight in Navigraph Charts
  • Copy route to clipboard
  • Create new flight in SimBrief, override the route that it generates with yours
  • Load said flight into your addon of choice

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