.pln created in LNM not loadin correctly into CHARTS

I created a flight plan (.pln) created in, and exported from LittleNav Map, around the San Juan Islands off the Washington state and flew it successfully last night. It was showing as a choice to open in Charts when I logged in this morning. This is the result:

All of the islands are grouped closely together and all use the airfield codes in LNM. Any ideas why Charts thinks they are spread across the globe?

Hi! Thanks for posting.

Looks like the PLN file is using non-standard formatting. Those waypoints obviously do not exist :sweat_smile:

Could you provide the PLN file so that we can check it out?

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Thank you for the swift reply. Here it is.

231002VFR Friday Harbor (KFHR) to Friday Harbor (KFHR).pln (5.1 KB)

Thank you for uploading a flightplan!

However, this is not the same flightplan as the one in your screenshot. This is what it looks like once loaded into Charts:

There are still lots of red waypoints in this route. They appear to be airports which have been referenced by unknown ICAO codes, probably locally defined and not officially recognized ones! This can also happen if you use the FAA code instead of the ICAO alternative, but we catch most of such cases.

Your original screenshot seems to indicate something else. CRANE, BURDEN, -JONES- etc. are all 100% not valid waypoints, and has been incorrectly included in your PLN file in some way.
If you want me to take a look at that particular flight, please upload the corresponding PLN file!

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Thank you Malte. As I said I only loaded it because Charts, via in-sim panel suggested I should. The codes are the ones showing in LNM. All are airfields/strips on different islands. It was a VFR flight and Crane, Burden etc are the names of the island strips

Understood! Yes, in that case, it sounds like the file you exported from LNM is either poorly formatted or, more likely, using some exotic options that are not documented. It is also possible that we have made a mistake when interpreting the documentation!

In any case, that PLN file would be interesting to have for analysis! Perhaps we can make some improvements!

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you have the only .pln I have??

Ah, OK! So CRANE, -JONES- etc. are added by the simulator? Because none of those error waypoints in your original screenshot are actually in the file :sweat_smile:

I will try to load it through the simulator! Perhaps that is the culprit…

I have tried it out, and I can confirm. This mangling of the input information is done by the simulator!

We will investigate and see if there is anything that we can do about it. Thanks for the report!

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If you have access to LNM you will see the whole route by loading the .pln

Yes, there are no issues with the PLN that you sent me. The problem occurs when it is loaded into the simulator, as that causes changes to the flightplan that we did not expect!

We will see if there is anything we can do to handle this as soon as we get available resources.
Thanks for the feedback!

You are most welcome Sir… above and beyond the call of duty to be so responsive. especially on a Sunday. Thank You. Your product makes a real difference.

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Has any progress been made on this please.

Could it have anything to do with a mismatch between the AIRAC data you use and that issued in the latest MSFS sim update??

Hello again!

No, this issue was not related to AIRAC but rather to the fact that the simulator mangles the flightplan and includes (for us) unexpected content in it. That is not an issue unless you do this:

  • Export from LNM
  • Import into MSFS on the world map screen
  • Export from MSFS
  • Import into Navigraph Charts

Are you doing this? It is my understanding that you are using the in-game panel, which should not have this issue anymore since the latest release.

Please keep in mind that the PLN file that you sent me earlier in this topic includes lots of private airports that are not in our dataset, so you get a bunch of red pills. The route also includes CKR, but no such waypoint or navaid exists in the area in the latest AIRAC cycle.

If you are still seeing CRANE etc. in your route, please send me the PLN file that you loaded into MSFS and I’ll take another look!

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Thank you for the swift response.

Yes I did load (a different) .pln file into MSFS. The Delta (symbol) India waypoint in the plan is obviously ambiguous and the route on the in-sim panel includes a way point of that name on a dfferent continent. It looks like disambiguation is not happening or, to refer back to my previous question, the dataset which Navigraph is using is not synchronised with that in the Sim?

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That is a pretty long list of exclusions and covers, pretty much, the entire gamut of methods that the average simmer would use to get a flight plan into the sim. Does this mean that the corollary is that, those who have a Navigraph subscription, are limited to the option of loading the flight via Simbrief alone if the in-game panel is to be useable?

I am not sure I understand you, sorry. SimBrief uses the same route calculator as Navigraph Charts.

Could you sent it to me?

There are numerous efforts from our side in the route validation that should prevent this. I’ll happily take a look at your new PLN file!

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Malte: “I am not sure I understand you, sorry. SimBrief uses the same route calculator as Navigraph Charts.”

I am sorry, I am beginning to lose the plot a bit here Malte. Thank you for your patience. OK lets wind back.

(I have just updated the latest version of Navigraph and in-sim panel so things may have changed but the principles are still the same)

The Huddison Discord are having a Group Flight tomorrow evening in the Carribean, the flight plan for which was created by Navigraph. Huddison send out the .pln file to his discord members. I loaded the .pln file into the World Map. The in-Sim panel had a pop-up which said “flight plan detected do you want to load it” so I did. I then got a wayward route displayed:

Here is the .pln file:
Caribbean_GF.pln (10.3 KB)
It is the Delta(symbol)I waypoint in the route which is problematic and takes the route to another waypoint of the same name far to the East.

What I was trying to say in a clumsy way is if you cannot use the World Map to enter flight plans as above, how do you get the plan into the aircraft FMS if that is not integrated with Navigraph? And how are we supposed to know NOT to load this when the plan loaded into MSFS is detected by the in-Sim panel and asks you if you want to load it? I find the number of choices and the list of dont’s which you posted above bewildering - but I am getting on a bit in years and my memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. An algorithm flowchart which shows the options and ‘prohibitions’ as per your list above would seem to be needed.

Please see my reply above. Today I loaded the same plan into MSFS World Map, ignored the pop-up to load into Navigraph. Saw the flight plan in the list and loaded with identical results to the above screenshot.