Low alt plan states HighAlt in .pln file and other .pln differences

Doing a comparison of .pln files produced from Navigraph (Windows desktop) and Little Nav Map - since LNM includes parking spot at the departure airport and wanted to include that for loading into FS2020.

Noticed however, that even though the flight plan created was Low Altitude, the RouteType in the .pln XML states HighAlt.

Additionally, the SID entries include the departure runway but not the departure ICAOAirport code in the ICAO section - is this correct?

Also, even though I state a cruise altitude when exporting and saving the .pln from Navigraph, it’s not included in the waypoint data - it is when exported from LNM.

No reply on this one? Seems like a bug to me.


Sorry for delay.

When selecting Low Altitude in Autoroute , you should be getting the Low Altitude airways even if the .pln says HighAlt Route type?

We are developing a new Charts version which will have a different user interface, and may change the export format.

I suggest holding these questions till that is released.

Thank you for your understanding.


That’s great, many thanks.
If you need a beta tester, let me know.