.PLN File Import Errors


I’ve unsuccessfully searched the forum for an answer. I’m having persistent errors importing LittleNavMap generated .PLN files into Charts 8. The imported file will have one or more waypoints in red with the waypoint value error. The waypoints are lat/lon positions, not navids or airports. This issue occurred with multiple files.

Do you have a faq or other information describing this issue and if a solution or workaround is available?


Could you attach the file please?



Please don’t simply fix the plan, but instead help me understand why it’s generating errors on import to Charts8.

NG-VFR-KSEE-toKEDW.pln (4.6 KB)


It seems the red waypoint entries have format xxxxxxNyyyyyyW with 6 x and 6 y. We expect 7 y? Also I see at least one with 5 x.

So there is inconsistency in the waypoints format. If you add a zero to make up 7 y, it is accepted. But what is trimmed, leading zeros or decimals?

Maybe you could ask this of the LNM developer.