Unable to open MSFS flightplan .PLN

it worked before the last release rev 2.
But now we get a message “unable to open this file format”
Can you revert your update please ? it missed your program …

a little bit more details could be helpful … where do you get these message, in the sim or where? From where are the PLN-files? Can you upload such file please?

Thank you

Hi Richard,
I got the message in Navigraph charts Window, opened on a second screen. MSFS comes from Microsoft Store.
The .PLN is in the …/LocalState directory, in User/Appdata/Local/Packages/Microsoftflight…/LocalState.
the .PLN is loaded normally by MSFS and , when loaded, appears in the Main map window of the simulator.
in the MSFS .PLN file, there are lines :-1 which do not exist in a file that I created on purpose with Navigraph Charts (manual input …).
If this can help …

sorry text has been eaten …
lines that appear : “-1”

Text does not appear in the message, let’s try something else:

it seems that your new format does not accept waypoints which are defined through their geographic coordinates.
It was not a problem yesterday, as the .PLN was loaded in Navigraph Charts

So, that I don´t understood you wrong:
You have created the PLN file in the MSFS and you want to import it in the charts, where you get these message - is this correct?

Please can you upload the PLN-file here

Thank you,

Exactly. And first, Thank you for your help …
Visite-FranceA.PLN (25.4 KB)
That’s the plan

Hello Philippe!

Importing .pln files exported from MSFS is currently not possible. The supported .pln format comes from P3D/FSX.

That said, we are currently actively working on making it possible to import from MSFS as well, and the update should be available within a few days!

Kind Regards,

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That is a great news, thank you Malte.

On another end, you have surely noticed that a flightplan coming from Simbrief and imported in Navigraph, is modified without our permission in MSFS, if we change the origin from the active runway into a parking place, in order to start in a Cold and Dark situation. Most of the time, the route is shortened, suppressing several waypoints, but can also be totally changed. Then all fuel previsions are totally wrong, and the use of Simbrief planning is not useful anymore. Then, it could be great to be able to import the MSFS flightplan into Simbrief, in order to repair it, which is not possible yet so far I know …

Yes, we are aware of this and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. This is because the simulator automatically re-calculates the whole route as soon as you change any of its parameters in the world map.

Please see these posts for further reference:

Kind Regards,

A workaround could be to have the Start Gate or Parking indicated in Simbrief’s flightplan creation, as soon as Asobo gives realist gates and parkings, which are all completely fantasist at this time.
That needs a database of the real Airport Gates and Parking, related to the fantasist database of Gates and Parkings in MSFS … Perhaps they could give you that database … :wink:

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Hello again Philippe!

I have some great news. The latest version of Charts (which was published just now) makes it possible to import .pln files that have been generated in the simulator. Enjoy!

Kind Regards,

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Hi Malte,

Great news !!!

I will try it immediatly.

Thank you for your reactivity !

Salutations Cordiales

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And it works like a charm, Thank you again

Salutations cordiales



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