VR and Navigraph

Long time navigraph user. Many sims. Now I have MSFS2020.

  1. I found out about, downloaded and installed the new Navigraph Installer for MSFS2020.
  2. I found instructions, then downloaded latest 2021 rev2 into MSFS2020 navigation database.
  3. I can use the PC version of navigraph to make and export a flight plan into MSFS2020 - *.pln. It works fine.
    3a. I installed and can use simlink just fine.
  4. One giant elephant in the room - I use wide FOV VR headset. I do NOT want to keep pulling off my headset to look at the navigraph info - or why bother to use VR.
  5. VR was just an afterthought by the makers of MSFS2020.

So I am pleading - would navigraph please make their product usable for VR simmers. This would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Richard


We are working on a way to pull up charts from within the simulator, and we’re also working with third party developers like FBW and WT to bring charts into their EFBs.



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