Plan with Discontinuity causes FS2020 to crash when lading the plan

I created a plan to fly KPDX - KSEA (in the stock TBM930 on the latest SU7 Version of MSFS) nd the plan has a small discontinuity after take off. I am finding that whenever the plan is loaded in FS2020 that FS2020 crashes. If I add in a SID to clear the discontinuity the plan loads successfully. IF I fly the same course but solely using user waypoints the plan also loads correctly. Seems also only to be a problem if the discontinuity exists in the first leg after Takeoff. A discontinuity in approach of mid flight cause the plan to break but no crash.

Is this a known issue? I did a few quick searches but did not see anything that relates exactly but could have missed something.


In general because we miss details from you to reproduce or test it no … Not a know issue.

Have you tested your scenarios with the stock data also?


I will try a test as well