Flight Plan Discontinuity on the A32NX MCDUq

I created a route (KJFK-LFPG).
I selected the MERIT6 SID from KJFK 22L to PUT transition point.
I find a discontinuity in my MCDU: PUT - fl plan discontinuity - JURDO - PUT (and then the rest of the flight plan looks ok).

  1. Where does this discontinuity come from?
  2. How can I correct it?


As I understand it this is a feature of the latest versions of the FBW MCDU when adding departures.

Selecting CLR (until it shows in the MCDU scrathpad) and then selecting the line in the flight plan where this discontinuity occurs removes that entry and the flightplan appears as normal.

This for reminding me of this; I will try.
I am also interested to understand where the discontinuity came from, as my route appears continuous on the Navigraph flight plan.


See discontinuity section

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My apologies if my enquiry wasn’t clear(er).
Actually, I am trying to understand why -and how- a flight plan created with Navigraph generates a flight plan discontinuity on the A32NX.
And what I should do to avoid this in the future.
Thanks for any useful insights/recommendations.