MSFS 2020 world map

Having made a flight plan in Navigraph and exported I can’t load the plan from world map in MSFS 2020. It is a new problem. Started a few days ago.

what happened, when you try to import the flightplan? Do you get an error-message, or what?

Hello Richard
Nothing happens. No error-message.
Regards Jorgen

Thanks Jorgen, can you upload the flightplan please, that we can check it?
Thank you,

This one does not work:

EKYTENZV.pln (3.0 KB)

This one made by Simbrief works:

EKYTENZV_MFS_19Dec20.pln (3.0 KB)

Hi again Jorgen,
thank you very much for the samples. I can confirm and reproduce the issue on my system too. I have also figured out what the cause is but I´m not the right person for it to fix it. Therefore please be patience, we will come back to you here.


Here the correct and working version:
EKYTENZV.pln (3.0 KB)

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