Flight plan discontinuity

Hello, I have a problem where when I put my flight plan into the FMC, there is always a route discontinuity after my departure sid, I don’t know why this keeps happening. Hopefully you can help me.

Little hard to answer without any details:

Which sim?
Which addon aircraft?
Which flight plan?

Sorry, these are really the basic requirements for such posting …


Hey, sorry for not writing enough info, it is in MSFS 2020, in both the A32NX and the PMDG 737-700. It happens to most of my flight plans so can’t really answer which flight plan.

Ok, but without an example flight plan how should we help you? I don’t have a discon, so I can’t reproduce it … not very helpful I guess.

Do you have a valid subscription and is your sim and the PMDG up2date with AIRAC 2208 installed via the Navigraph Navdata Center?


Discontinuities do not necessarily mean there is an error. Is there a “vector” at the end of the departure procedure?

Right, therefore an example would be good. It’s a little bit strange, when he wrote that this happens on most of his flights but he can’t give an example …

But we will see, which AIRAC he is using and if he had install it via the Navigraph Navdata Center correctly.

But in general you’re absoluely right … Thanks for the input.


Here you have an example:

Useless … do you understand my questions?

  1. Do you have a valid subscription? Means, do you have updated MSFS and PMDG to the same AIRAC cycle
  2. Please give us an example of a FLIGHTPLAN - a flightplan is that what you insert into your FMC … beginning with the departure airport, the complete route till the arrival airport

What do you expect from the screenshot? I see two waypoints which are not connected ok … and now? What should we do with this information?


Hi again,
we have identified that this is not a Navigraph navdata issue due the missing subscription - so you use the default data from ASOBO in the sim - please ask your question in the MSFS forum. Thank you very much.


Okay, sorry if I wasn’t clear enough, I have not learned everything about this industry yet, but thanks for the help.

tor. 8. sep. 2022 kl. 08:56 skrev NAVData via Navigraph <notifications@navigraph1.discoursemail.com>:

I suspect that you’re having the same issue I had. (This isn’t a Navigraph issue, but I can help regardless.)

Once you’re airborne, ATC would vector you to your first waypoint. I had this on the BOMET5 SID departing CYYZ from 6R.

If you’re flying the PMDG 737-700, here’s how to fix the discontinuity: Simply go to the LEGS page in your FMC, click on the waypoint after VECTOR, press the LSK button next to the waypoint you want to travel to, and then press the LSK button next to VECTOR then press EXEC. This will update your flightplan in the FMC and on the PFD at which point you can turn on autopilot or fly manually.

Let me know if this makes sense.

Hey, I will test this out the next time I am planning a flight, I am assuming this is for the 737-700 since I don’t think the A32NX has a EXEC button, I could be wrong, but just want to be sure.

This is for the PMDG 737-700. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in my previous post. Will update.

It’s okay, as long as I get to fly with one of the planes I’m happy, will update you as soon as I make a new flight plan and follow your instructions.

Hey again, have just flown from ENGM to EKCH, and when I put in my flight plan, there was no gap between waypoints, so I will use your method whenever it is necessary, so it seems like this problem occurs sometimes for the 737-700, and every time for the A32NX. Thanks for the help!

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