Pinned chart scrolling

When having more charts pinned for a flight plan than fits in the view, there is no way (by mouse) to horizontally move through them (to reach say an arrival chart that is outside the view)

The ony way to get there is to click a pinned charts and use the keyboard L/R keys

I’ve the same problem, very annoying and difficult to do.

I do not know what the pin function is or how to use it.

I am unable to unpin charts after I have finished using them ie no longer need departure airport detailed chart, taxi stands and SID. Any advice would be helpful.

If you uncheck the ‘sync’ button above the pinned charts you can unpin them

Works perfectly now. Many thanks.

We’re looking into making the scrollbars a more visible and easier to manipulate.

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I cannot see any scroll bars for the pinned charts on the desktop app?

Hi Peter,


There is a very thin blue scroll bar which only appears if the list of charts is wider than the pinboard area. We are working to make this larger and more scrollable.

You can also scroll use the keyboard left and right arrows.


Hi Ian,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have found the scroll line, it’s tiny!

Making that larger and easier to use will be a great help.



This issue should have been fixed now in the latest version v8.15.0 released today. Please install from Navigraph

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Hi Stephen,

That’s much better, thank you.


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