FAQ - Charts 8 Pinned Charts

The pinboard section at the bottom of Charts 8 gives one click access to some charts used in the current flight plan. These are displayed with origin and destination, and optionally alternate airport codes to the left of their charts

Selecting Sync with Current Flight causes automatic pinning of select Airport Info, SID and STAR charts at Origin and Destination airports.

To edit the list of pinned charts, first turn off Sync with Current Flight, otherwise changes will be lost with next Sync. You can open and pin charts using the pin icon at top of chart:

You use the pinboard Edit button to remove pinned charts using the red cross.

Press Done when complete. Then press Save as to save this as a new pinboard say for that origin-destination pair. Be careful, the Clear button removes all pinned charts.

Saved pinboards are accessed and loaded from the pin icon on left of main screen:


The contents are added to the current pinboard.