Removing Pinned Charts

Hi there

Really like the new update but have noticed a small quirk I think. Once a chart has been pinned it appears it is impossible to unpin it.

For example When I pin an approach chart to the others that are automatically pinned fro uploading a route from simbrief, I cannot unpin the chart if I decide for instance I want a different approach. I click on the blue pin icon but nothing happens. I sometimes end up with 4 or 5 different charts and cannot unpin any of them.

Are you able to confirm this is something that is not working correctly or is it user error?


Hi Donald,

Press Edit button in Pinned area, to select and delete pinned charts.

If they are in the initial Synched Charts, make sure you unselect Sync with Current Flight


Thanks Ian

That worked :+1:

Hi Donald,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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