Charts won't unpin

Anyone else having issues with charts not unpinning on the desktop app? For example, ATC changes approach, I open the new chart, but I can’t get the old approach plate to go away.

Have you tried clicking the “Edit” button in the bottom right corner of the flight chart strip (not sure what it is called)? I’ll attempt to attach an image. When I click on the “Edit” button I can then click on a red “X” on the chart I want to remove. -Brian

Thanks for the reply Brian. I don’t get a red “X” after clicking edit. I used to be able to just click the “pin” button on the toolbar to unpin a chart. But it is not functional for me any longer.

Try turning off Sync with Flight. The red crosses (and Pin/Unpin blue Pin icon) should then appear for editing the pinned charts.


That did it! Thanks!

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