VR scroll bar problem

where there are pinned charts in Navigraph charts 8 window in VR there is a scroll bar it is very difficult to move the thing in VR with a mouse, same goes for the top part where your points of the flight plan are, these are also difficult to move with the mouse in VR.

In old software I was able to actually “click hold and move” on the chart or point list, and it would just move left/right showing other charts and or points that hidden, This does not seem to work with charts 8, instead charts 8 seems I can only do it on the actual slide line which is rather difficult and does not work very well, so sliding the list left to right and vice versa is a pain.

Add and arrow on left/rigth side at least or something



We have this on our backlog for the in-game panel, to make the pinboard and route buttons “draggable”.



ok great thanks wasn’t sure if it got attention yet :slight_smile:

This should be implemented since the 2nd to last update (v8.23.0). Please give it a try by dragging sideways anywhere on the route pills or the pinboard!

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yes, it does work since some time now. thanks

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