OY NDB Aldergove UK missing


The Aldergrove NDB, Frequency: 332 KHz, Identifier: OY — -.-- In Northern Ireland,
lat/lon: 54.692600, -6.085360 in the UK is missing.

It is used with the UK NATS procedure described in the chart INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART NDB(L) RWY 25 - ICAO https://www.aurora.nats.co.uk/htmlAIP/Publications/2020-05-21-AIRAC/graphics/72301.pdf

See attached PDF
72301.pdf (73.8 KB)

Aldergrove is used by VATSIM UK for the Single Engine Instrument Rating training, so important for us pilot wannabees :wink:


Hi Richard,

This procedure (NDB RWY 25) doesn’t exist anymore in the latest UK AIP


So, it is likely that this NDB has been decommissioned some time ago. It does not appear in the navaid section for EGAA

Richard (@Navigraph) will check on Jeppesen side



Thanks for responding so quickly, Ri hard.

I use X-P12, Littlenavmap and Navigraph on my iPad.

Note, that the NATS procedure I mentioned is not in the list of procedures for Aldergove.

(email sent in haste frim my mobile, please forgive any typos)

Best wishes

Hi Richard :melting_face:
I can confirm, Hervé´s assumption - this NDB is decommissioned and not be used any longer, therefore also not in the data any longer. Sorry.


Thanks for your response, Richard.
NATS issued an AIP Supplement a looong time ago advising the NDB was not serviceable (AIP Supplement 002/2022), however, it is still in the eAIS Package United Kingdom published by NATS effective from March 2023.

Can you please check your source if more recent and share it with me?

Best wishes

Is it still contained in the current 18 MAY 2023 publication ?

With reference to your original post Jepp chart 11-2 EGAA indicates NDB OY withdrawn. Vatsim should ammend there training accordingly.

EDIT: Jeppesen airway manual Aug 2022, BELFAST ALDERGROVE NDB (OY) decmsnd

I do apologise.
It has now disappeared from the eAIS Package!
Please disregard.

No need to apologies Richard, thanks for your update … I can confirm, it´s not in our source, nor in the eAIS … so, looks really decommissioned … Thanks @hervesors and also @srcooke for your support in this case :clap:


Keep it up!
You have a fantastic product.

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