Missing Important NDB "LDA" at Nepal for Mount Everest

There is missing a very important NDB in Nepal, it is “LDA” frequency 236. This NDB is the starting point of the valley that leads the way to Tenzing - Hillary Airport Airport Airport at Lukla ( VNLK) for Mount Everest.

Please, this needs revision. Thanks!

thanks for your contact. We have checked this with the AIP Nepal and it looks like, that the NDB isn´t operative any longer.

Here the list of available navaids directly from the AIP Nepal:

You see, there is no LDA NDB on this list. The AIP of the countries are the base for all data provider. When the countries don´t offer such details, than you don´t have it in the database.

I don´t know, if the NDB is really still valid because the airport where this NDB should be located VNLD is also not operative according the AIP Nepal.

For both sides (your screenshots), it´s unclear, from where the data are - there is no reference if the data comes from user, from the AIPs or from any data provider (like we have Jeppesen). Therefore, please don´t trust it too much … as an example

Look for RKSI - you will find on both sides very outdated information - the runways 16/34 doesn´t exist any longer and a new runway is added. On the Airport NavFinder webpage the old runway 16/34 is acutally completely missing.

Thats only one current example but there are a lot of such … We trust the AIPs of the countries and I don´t have find any LDA NDB in the AIP Nepal, as you see - so it doesn´t exist in the Jeppesen source also.


Thanks a lot for the reply, Navigraph support is just great. You are right, it stopped working when VNLD stopped being operative too.

Hope Navigraph some time have the VFR Maps detalied as Skyvector with Charts updated, it would be great for VFR navigation that is missing in Navigraph.

Thanks again.

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We are in the middle of development :wink:

Thanks for your kind words - much appreciated

Take care,

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