Overall scale sizes (not map)

Overall, looks like a great update, some notes.

Ok, not talking about the map view, where you can scale 75% to 150% …

But, there doesn’t appear to be a way to enlarge the scale of the side bar, title bar and bottom chart list. in the Desktop version. I use a compact monitor and view (need for other apps), and it looks too small. Looks like in the browser based (cloud version) you can enlarge the view with the usual browser controls, perhaps something like that can be added.

Also, the top bar with the flight route, the bubbles are too small for the text often and gets truncated, even the airports! And the text always gets truncated when you select the context menu form the bubble. A bit more space here would be appreciated.

Also, if there is a scroll bar along the bottom, it is not usuable, too thin. Make it wider or add beg/end line arrows like for the flight plan.

  • Orest
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I’m having the same trouble. Too small bottom bar