Desktop app navigraph 8 feedback

Some feedback:

constant scaling of charts:
-hide airports–> scaling…
-hide pinned–> scaling…
-resize window–>scaling…

airport metar:
-almost useless if i can’t refresh it myself, misses up to date metar

flight following:
-too thick line and waypoints even at 75%, old version was on point
-the marker of the aircraft is lagging behind the actual position in the sim, didn’t notice this in the old version

-why simple if you can have it complicated…
too much stuff to click through just to have some charts displayed…
again old version was better
-doesn’t highlight currently opened chart in the selection

-all reported–>constant signing in and javascript error with simlink and also doesn’t track aircraft if app is opened before the sim (x plane 11)

-cannot un-pin charts from flightplan

so far i gave up and wish i haven’t updated, gonna use avitab or aircraft for displaying charts and simaware for flight following

what’s good:
vfr charts in europe…


I find the new charts desktop too confusing as there are too many changes all at once. I would really like to go back to the old gui. It was just perfect for me.

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Totally agree. Way too much going on. Is there a detailed user guide?

Plus the text on the route bar (on the top), is just way too small.

Maybe bring back v.7 for those who don’t want/need to upgrade, or until the bugs of 8 are worked out.

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interesting,definetly interesting or tolerabel?


The new app certainly has lots of added functionality but the core functions are a usability nightmare now. Why can’t I click the arrival in the flightplan at the top anymore to quickly pick another?

Now I have to choose approaches from the sidebar and it immediately gives me this overview of all approaches on the map which is just a confusing mess in the case of places like RJTT where there are more than a dozen of approaches all in different colors.


It seems that you pick the approach by clicking the three dot menu on the AIRPORT now.

* Orest

Hi Team,

The new Charts 8 functionality required a more comprehensive user interface. We had over 2000 testers providing feedback with suggestions for improvement where needed. Most of these have been implemented or will be in updates.

We shall likely provide tooltips, help guides and videos over time.

I encourage you to try it out and get the most from it.

Suggestions for improvements are welcome. If you have specific “How do I …” questions, please ask. I or other users/testers will try to assist.


I find the complicated gui is not worth the added functionality for me. It is simply too messy. The old desktop was just so simple, intuitive and user friendly. It was perfect. Please give me a way so I can revert to the prior gui, like go back and install the prior version. Thank you.

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I’m a big fan of the new Navigraph Chart. Love how I can get a world 3D view, zoom in on airport and get quick runway, terminal, gate, ramp info, the map orientation track feature, and more. Great work.

I’m really Not a fan of the new GUI.

Too many click throughs and it now feels foreign where before it was intuitive.

This is supposed to help relieve workload in the cockpit, not INDUCE it.

  • having to unfollow current flight plan, then import from simbrief then click import again all the way at the bottom is just clunky. Old rev was new flight plan, from simbrief. done.

  • the auto pinning of charts IS nice. But it autopins ALL the charts and you cant get rid of the irrelevant ones without the pin bar repopulating them. Specific example : Toronto Pearson CYYZ , LINNING3 arrival. there’s 4 charts for that arrival depending on your arrival runway. Only one is ever applicable. it’s annoying and too much info.

  • Charts 8 seems to try too hard to mimic foreflight. Navigraph and simbrief integration is great, as well asbthe AIRRAC data. but this interface is just… not.

  • At thus point I’d rather have Little Nav Map with JeppCharts from a Navigraph subscription than this current GUI. Make something OTHERS want to copy, dont be 2nd.

I was reallly stoked for this release. Good luck getting it back on rails.

How about having an option to go back to version 7, or an option to get the classic look and feel same as desktop 7. Could we not have kept the same GUI but added whatever new functions via a tiny menu somewhere on the screen without destroying a beautiful and perfect gui. I prefer the old version 7 even without the new functionality.

To me, it is intolerable. Sorry.

I signed up for the forum only because I am so fed up with Charts 8. It is way too cluttered. I hope there will be an option to use the old ui, otherwise I´ll cancel my subscription with the next payment cycle

Hi, guys,
i’d like to thank you for all your efforts for giving us a very good tool.
Just one word: new chart is wonderful. It’s the best for me. Finally everything in one tool. With the new charts i removed 2 plugins.
Thank you very much.
Continue :slight_smile:

just some suggestions:

what is my intention when i open the app?
-simbrief import?

that should be accessable within one click:
like a browser: upper user bar

what do I need need from thereon:
again upper user bar updated

thats it…

want to go back?.. just a <— toolbar button like a browser

…and a search section upper left or right

one options symbol for the app and the map

and a quickbar for high, lo and vfr

what else?


Thank you for the valuable suggestions, which will be considered.


V8 is brilliant! I’ve been using Charts for over 3 years and regard v8 as a significant improvement, Yes it’s takes some learning … but isn’t that the fun.

I especially like the runway recommendations based on winds and also the drill-down from space right down to actual runway/taxiways.

Some comments:

  1. Simbrief and Charts V8 sometimes recommend different runways for takeoff and landing. I’m wondering if the Metar source is different?
  2. When I drill-down to the airport at the lowest level, the taxiways lettering is fuzzy and difficult to read.
  3. I wish real-time weather could be shown on the maps (clouds, storms, etc). What would be nice,

Keep up the good work!
Darryl Pereira

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Yes it’s takes some learning … but isn’t that the fun.

Flying and navigation is fun, searching for the appropriate charts mid approach as per controllers request is not, when the Charts V8 predecessor was so much better.

During critical phases of flight the workload is already high enough, no need to further complicate matters by an forced update. Just let people choose, those who prefer the classic style get to use that, those who like to dabble with Charts V8 get to do that.

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Thanks Darryl (@pereira55) for your kind words and also for the constructive list of wishes. This version is not the final and we have a long list of feature/feature request in our backlog.

All three points are checked, specially #3 … With the new technology which we use now, we have also new possibilities for implementation, layering, … this was a first and good start, but the journey doesn’t end here for us …

Thanks again for your kind words and your feedback, for such constructive feedback to make things better. Much appreciated …


For what it’s worth, just wanted to chime in regarding the GUI. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m still finding it overwhelming. Maybe I’m just getting old but I feel there is too much information on the screen (flight panel to be specific) at once. I think it would be nice to have the option to choose what we want to be displayed under the origin and destination airports. I know it’s down to preference but I would prefer not to have the runways, approaches, departures etc displayed there as I find it distracting. I would much rather have the METAR displayed there instead as it’s a great feature but takes me three clicks from there to get to it. As I said, the option to choose what we want there would be awesome as we all use it differently. Some of us love the new GUI and some of us prefer the uncluttered GUI of version 7.

Loving the auto pin feature and VFR maps and looking forward to the updated in-game panel once you’ve overcome the technical issues.