Side bar list and left icons ureadable, too small in VR

I used to fly in VR most of the time, this is the first time I’m having issues with Navigraph Charts, the side bar information and icons are unreadable, I must guess what to click. I’m not sure if I can upload a screenshot.

Thx for this wonderful software.

I’m having a similar issue since installing the SU12 beta: the scale of the UI is way too small–this can be mitigated to some extend by changing the UI scale in the settings, however, the map is painful to read, even on the highest zoom level.
Having this issue with many 3rd party tools, such as my PDF viewer and AP Pushback, where the map is now also off-scale in VR.


In Settings (bottom left corner icon) there are two settings that will change the scale of the user interface and the map itself.



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That worked temporary, I put the scale to 2.6 and is readable in VR, coming back to 2D and I have to ajdust the scale once more to 1.0 to make it usable inside the cockpit.

This issue appeared after SU12.

Same issue in VR for SU12 Beta. Thanks for the workaround.

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