Readability issues of Charts 8 Desktop

With current version of Charts 8 desktop, when a flight is loaded, the name of the flight appears in dark blue against a black background, making it nearly invisible and very difficult to read.
I had asked early on if the pill size displaying the route across the top of the map could be increased in size.

Would appreciate a second look at these issues with an an otherwise outstanding product, to assist those of us who have poor vision for a variety of reasons.

Running 1440p monitor and scaling the display on Windows 10 only makes things worse when non native resolutions attempt to be displayed,.

Thanks for your consideration.

Hi Greg,

We have made some readability changes which will be included in the next release.

Zooming the Desktop window may assist , please see Zoom the window (not map) - #5 by stephen


Contrast should be drastically improved with the latest update 8.20.0. Please have a look and see if the changes make our product more usable for you!

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Kind Regards,

Well, the new map detail is beyond words, just amazing! The rearrangement of the route title to light font is very helpful.And with the CTRL- and CTRL Shift +, I can resize the window to my needs. So everything is fine for my vision now to enjoy your product.

Again thanks for being so responsive to your customers.


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