Ordering new laptop for Navigraph Charts

I’m ordering a new laptop with (16GB Ram and 1TB HD) used exclusively for Navigraph Charts and light Gmail activity. Would an integrated graphics card suffice, or would you recommend a dedicated graphics card. Again the new laptop is used only for Navigraph Charts and light Gmail activity. Xplane-11 runs on a tower desktop with a 4790k CPU, 16GB Ram, GEFORCE RTX 2080 GPU, etc. Any suggestions you can lend are much appreciated.

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-Serling A. Davis +1 214 457 5779

If its just for Navi graph a tablet or phone will do. A dedicated laptop just for charts is a bit overkill. Light internet use, charts, discord etc you can use with integrated graphics, even mild gaming will be ok. second monitor will be best option. I use that for my charts, vpilot etc.