Feature tip

Dear Navigraph. First thank you for an exellent program, love it!

I would recommend or suggest an new feature to be added to Navigraph if possible and that is mulit-screen option or popout windows. Starting a second instance of the program on the same computer would also be an option.

This will for sure highten the user experience and efficiency when using Navigraph.
Right now a work around is to use Aerosoft NavData as the second program, but I bet most would preferre Navigraph exepct for LIDO charts but that is for another discussion all togeather. (i digress, sorry).

Anway, sure hope this can be considered down the line.

Thanks again for an excellent software, been a subscriper for almost a decade now, if not mistaken back in 2003 or 4…


Thank you for being a long term subscriber.

We shall take you suggestions on board.

You can have Charts Desktop and Charts Cloud running together as well as multiple instances of Charts Cloud.


Thank you sir for your dedications and tip. I was aware of that option, I have also ipad and android for this, but those are applied to other tasks…

Future may be bright :slight_smile:

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