Number of devices where I can access navigraph charts

Hello, I have a navigraph account for AIRAC and for charts, currently I have the charts in the same computer than my simulator, but what I would like to do is transfer the charts to another device (laptop) and mount it in my cockpit on the captain side, alternatively would like to do the same on the First officer side and use an ipad with also the navigraph charts account, my questions are:

  1. how do I transfer the license from my main computer to a laptop (this device will be connected to the same network that the simulator).

  2. Can I have navigraph charts in more than one device (1 in laptop, 1 in ipad?)


I have navigraph on both my desktop and my ipad, once you’re logged in, it shouldn’t be an issue, if i am understanding your question properly

yes, thank you for your answer, right now I have it only on my desktop, same computer than my simulator, but what I want to do is have it also on a laptop for the captain side and an ipad on the FO side additionally as an Electronic Flight Bag, does that makes sense?
thank you


It should work ok, I run it on my desktop and my ipad simultaneously, not sure if there is an actual limit how many devices can run it at the same time, I only have 2, and both run Navigraph simultaneously without an issue

Sonds good, I will give it a try and let you know when I get my new ipad in about two weeks, for now I will try to add it to my laptop, thanks again,


Hi Manuel,


What you are proposing should work. Licensing is taken care of by signing in with your account with subscription.

See also Pros and cons of different options with Navigraph Ultimate - #6 by Ian


thanks Ian, I will give it a shot,