What tablet do you use for Navigraph Charts?

Hi guys, I am looking for an affordable tablet as my secondary tablet to use for charts. I don’t care what brand it is, I just want it to be affordable and tell me what you guys also use. Here is an example of a setup attached below:

Thanks in advance!


I was thinking some 90$ Samsung Tablet or an iPad (9th Gen). What do you guys use?

Yeah, only 2 options: Lenovo M10 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A7.

Which is better?

Is 32gb enough for Navigraph Charts?

I’ll go with the Samsung, I don’t think Lenovo has a charger in the box. Lmk if im wrong

Not sure you want tablet for other tasks, get a couple more monitors like I do for your pc sounds more affordable

Do Navigraph Maps work on iPad mini please? I like that size.


Yes, that is what i use.