Pros and cons of different options with Navigraph Ultimate

My preferred option is to select the Cloud and the yearly subscription.
I would access the charts etc via my Windows 8 laptop.
My MS FS2020 is on my Desktop PC. Both laptop and D/T PC are on the same network WI Fi.
I presume this would allow me to use all the facilities that a download gives including the moving map.
I presume this set up also allows me to prepare flight routes etc. on my laptop independently from my Desktop PC. (IE) The desktop could be switched off and/or I could be in another room still on the same network preparing routes etc. If my assumptions are correct.
Do I require to download and install Navigraph to the laptop and the PC? or just one?
If one which one?
Do I require to download and install Simlink to the laptop & the Desktop PC? or just one?
If one which one?
Is there any pros or cons for the above set up compared to either a download and install to the laptop or to the D/T PC?
Any info and help appreciated.

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What you are proposing should be fine.

You will need an Ultimate (monthly or annual) subscription.

You mentioned the Cloud as your preferred option. If you mean Charts Cloud, accessed via browser then choose that below rather than Charts.

On your Desktop PC running MSFS, you install the one and only copy of Simlink. Optionally you might consider installing Charts for Windows. You also install Navigraph Navdata Center to update your MSFS navdata.

On your laptop you must not install Simlink. You install Charts for Windows.

All Charts apps leave your Flight Plans in your online Navigraph account, so these can be accessed on Desktop PC or Laptop.

Uploading exported flight plans into your aircraft FMC’s might require copying them to your Desktop PC.

Maybe try Ultimate monthly to check it out.


Thank you, Ian, for the speedy response and for clarification. Let me initially apologise for the following clarification questions.
From your info I take the following would be the process.

I would select an Ultimate monthly or yearly option for Charts Cloud which would be accessed from my Windows 8 laptop.
On this laptop I would install and access Charts Cloud.

Do not install Simlink to this laptop.

I would on my desktop PC running MSFS install the only copy of Simlink.
I would on my desktop PC running MSF install Charts Cloud. From your comments I believe this installation to desktop is optional.
Does this mean I could have Charts Cloud running on my Laptop and desktop PC or one just one of them?

Is there any advantage of installing Charts Cloud or disadvantages of not installing to my Desktop PC?

I have presumed the advantages of using Charts Cloud via my laptop are.
The info is stored on your servers and not on my PC .
This option allows me to access the info from anywhere but linking to the desktop PC I would need to be on the same server Wi FI
My Questions are.

Are there any other advantages or disadvantages with the download of Charts to my Desktop PC or to my laptop?

If I change PC or laptop during a subscription period, can I reinstall the info etc?
Would it be possible to use my Windows Tablet to access info if using the Charts Cloud?
Could the Windows Tablet and the Windows laptop be used at the same time to access Charts Cloud?
(IE) Both tablet and laptop could be open while the Flight sim is being used on the Desktop PC

Thanking you in advance


Charts Cloud is browser based. So you need to open a browser to view, rather than install. As a test, try clicking on

Based on you planned usage I think installing Charts for Windows on your laptop (and Desktop PC) might be better and eliminate opening a browser.

Installing Charts for Windows on your Desktop PC is optional but allows you to export certain file formats directly to your MSFS disk, without needing to copy from Laptop. It depends on how you intend to flight plan. Best to try it out.

You can run Charts for Windows or Charts Cloud on a tablet and access it at the same time on the Laptop.

Your subscription applies for any changed PC or Laptop.

Best to try it out and ask queries you have then. I shall be happy to help.


Good day Ian, Over the Xma’s holiday downloaded charts to my laptop and sim connect to my Desktop PC which has FS installed. Everything is working as expected and fully expect to extend to the yearly Ultimate subscription.
Really just one question. As you touched on, getting my flight plan route to FS is (with me) a process of exporting the plan from Navigraph on an email. Opening this email on my desktop and dropping into a folder on my PC which the FS2020 can then load.

Can or should I prepare the flight plan on Simbrief then export to Navigraph and then export or upload to FS2020

Can or should I prepare the flight plan on Navigraph then export to Simbrief and then export or upload to FS2020

Hi Thomas,

Glad you got Charts and Simlink working.

You mentioned you had the laptop and PC on the same Wifi, so you should be able to copy files between them as on a Local Area Network (LAN) ? You may need assistance to set up such copying and permissions.

We don’t support Navigraph across LAN’s. However, you can run SimBrief and Navigraph Charts on the laptop, then can export plans to the right MSFS directory on your PC.

In Simbrief after you Generate OFP, scroll down to Downloads , click FS2020 Download

and when prompted navigate to the right directory on your PC likely to be something like:


In Navigraph Charts, Export using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (.pln) format and again navigate to similar directory above on your PC.

Then you should be able to load the plans into MSFS on your PC.

For Charts to SimBrief you can copy from the Charts Type route box and paste into SimBrief, then Generate OFP in SimBrief.

Happy New Year