Navigraph Navdata Center and Custom Path?


It’s possible to add ‘Custom Paths’ option for installed packages.

  1. I’m not install anything into Community folder. I have another Addon folder location (sorted by type) and creating links to community folder (MSFSAddonLinker)
  2. Some packages installed with different names

What i want see. Just idea.
Add options in app. Where i can set instalation path for Navdata/Charts Panel/Aerosoft CRJ700?

It’s possible?

sorry no - that´s not possible and there are several reasons for that. The main reason is, that the support will be much more difficult, when nobody know where which files/packages (physical) are located … therefore exist exact specification from ASOBO, how and where such packages must be installed. This is a recommended rule right, and you can break that rule but then we loose also the support at ASOBO.

Second important reason is, that some sceneries and/or addon-aircrafts (like your example the AS CRJ) expect a specific path in an specific folder. When this path is renamed, moved somewhere else - you can´t update it because the installed does nothing know from your structure, your filenames.

Again, all of these solutions makes the support much more difficult because you “break” the standard and the support stuff needs much more time to find out where, what happened and possible why?

In other words - AddonLinker are not official supported by ASOBO, same for us - we also don´t support this kind of software but it´s up to you of course, to use it. Last there are standard-paths and standard flows, to find out where the community folders are, on which sim-version - we keep this standard flows but also here, it´s up to you to change this flow but than it´s unsupported.

Hope that helps and make something more clearer,

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I understand, but if you can give undocumented option it will be great. I understand risk and understand how it work. I need just change path for installed packages.

Otherwise i need do much more steps to update everything:

  1. Remove custom packages
  2. Rename packages to required names
  3. Put back to Community folder
  4. Run Navdata Center and Update
  5. Exit Navdata Center
  6. Remove Packages from Community folder (put them back to specified folder)
  7. Renaming to desired name
  8. Put them back


If you can provide small undocumented feature (like edit custom path for specific package) it will be great


MSFS is new and changing. We are introducing complex improvements which build on the default ASOBO paths. We don’t wish to add another level of complexity with user specified paths.

Maybe we can consider this in the future when MSFS and addons are considered stable.

In the meantime, you might like to consider similarly using default paths for your custom packages.

We support our developers and encourage them to work with the standards.


Well. I understood you. I see that you are not particularly interested in the opinions and wishes of users, even if it is critical for their convenience?

On the contrary, we listen and act on the wishes of our users as is evident in the forum. You will see the recent VR support for charts as an example.

As I said we can consider this in the future when MSFS and addons are considered stable.

Rest assured your wishes are known.


Yep. I got it. Sorry, but it strange answer from you, because in FMS Data Manager i can set every NavData update to custom path.

Anyway, if no chance to get this option, I’ll dive a little, but I think I’ll survive or find a workaround

… or you go back to a supported system. Then you’re safe, all the different support staffs are safe and all works as expected. Best option …


As far as I have studied the system of work of Packages in MSFS2020, I can say with confidence that it does not matter at all where you have and what your packages are called. They will either work fine. The main problem that exists is just how they are made.

I’m with mixMugz on this, Windows Junctions (the way an addons manager such as MSFS Addons Linker works) is a totally valid method of populating and managing an otherwise chaotic community folder, so much so that it is in fact used by Orbx when installing their MSFS products and I’m pretty sure Orbx have a fairly good working relationship with Asobo?!

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