Install AIRAC & In-Game Panel / change location


I know this question has been asked before and I guess the answer will be still the same, but maybe things have changed.

I would welcome an option to change the installation location of each Navdata Center package (or all at once). Currently AIRAC & In-Game panel.

I try to keep my community folder clean for each new sim-update. It seems to be working fine with other products, e.g. the Simmarket installer doesn’t care if I install it’s contents somewhere else.
FSDT is using symlinks for a long time with P3D but also with MSFS.

No matter what the answer is, thank you for your awesome services :slight_smile:

All the best

Hi Filip,

Thank you for kind comments.

As we are dealing with a changing Sim, we prefer at this stage to leave file locations as default. We shall consider you suggestion for a future version.

To keep the community folder clean, before a new MSFS update or new AIRAC, I press Remove for each of the packages in Navigraph Navdata Center, then Install again after the MSFS update or new AIRAC.


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