OMG - This V8 is amazing!

OMG… i can read all details like in my real IFR Chart(H/L) or VFR sectional…!

Congratulations! Love the new look. Way more realistic! :sunglasses: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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After a flight i was on, tested quickly on PC and Ipad, and i noticed simmilar situations to look at:

  • Although the “follow my aircraft” button is great and all its configurations, I really miss the quick “center on airplane & follow” button. I thing it does it all… Give it a whirl…
  • When some charts are pinned, i can not delete some of those, not even pressing “clear” button. They stay there… actually, feels like the clear button is doing nothing.
  • Besides pressing “PIN this chart” when selecting them for departure or arrival, they are actually not being pinned down… (Some are, some ar not).

Things i love so far:

  • Weather information can be seen. Even in mmHG or HPa. Like foreflight!
  • Airport information, wouuuufff… foreflight like… amazing! You select the airport, then information and you have these tabs: GENERAL/RUNWAYS/WEATHER/COmms…I was also looking for the NOTAM button! Come on!!! :sweat_smile:
  • Runway information! Now you can see most favorable wind, or at least it will lead to that at some point.
  • I can select the complexity of the information to show on the map, and back to real life info (Reset to…) That is awesome!!! Perfect for teaching/learning.
  • The possibility to change from VFR to IFR chats is just… so emotional! :partying_face:

More flights to come, but im really enjoying this one. I love the airport button, its like foreflight, didnt even have to think to reach the info. You cant imagine how important this update is for real flight students.

Thank you!

HOLY SMOKES guys and gals at Navigraph. WELL DONE! What a very nice, polished, detail oriented version you released. Amazing stuff and well worth the wait!

Cheers and beers! :beer:

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This looks and works fantastic on Ipad-OS Pro and Mini versions. The field diagrams are actually easier on the eyes than the way Foreflight presents the FAA charts in their app. Outstanding job. Well done. :beers:

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I agree, it is really really good. - all the last annoyances from the previous version for my personal taste have gone, without a single word from me about them

I am sure it has its issues, but credit where credit is due. - fair play to the Devs for making something much better all round.

(and I am usually the first to complain about change).


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I too wanted to say thanks for such a great update. Much improved experience IMO.
The only issue I’ve come across, is the EFB in the FF A320-U use to allow charts to display in it’s Chrome style browser. But now not so much. Not a big deal, but figured I’d mention it. Thanks.

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