Older Ipads missing moving map and can only load charts

Since updating the IOS app to charts 8 I cannot use the navigraph map on an older Ipad. My Ipad I have been using for the charts app is on 10.3.4. The charts 8 is not available to download for this version of IOS. It thus reverts back to the last compatible version of the app upon download. The map screen is blank and does not show the flight plan (not the top but on the non existent map). Everything else is functional (the route shows at the top, you can pull charts etc). I also cannot load the navigraph.charts.com page to use it through a browser on this older Ipad. Is there going to be some sort of workaround for this or are older IOS users going to be limited to just having charts now?

Just updated to latest Charts on my iPad and get no map display as well.
I have iPad Pro (10.5-inch) with ipadOS 15.6.

Charts 8 on an iPad requires iPadOS 12.4 or later.

It works on a iPad Pro(11-inch) running iPadOS 15.5. So I don’t know why it isn’t running on your 10.5. Maybe try unloading all apps, uninstalling/reinstalling Charts 8.

Maybe try https://charts.navigraph.com.


I also get no map display IPAD IOS 15.6



The website will not load. Its pretty crappy of you all to remove moving maps for older IOS devices.
You essentially took a product and removed a big functional feature. Essentially you are punishing those of us who use older hardware for our home cockpits. Really not acceptable to do to paying customers

I deleted the app and reinstalled. Works now ok! I see the VFR map.
Thanks for the suggestion.

I also cannot view the maps on my old iPad with iOS 10.3.3 (last iOS version compatible with my old device, 14G/60, Model MD513LL/A). All is functional except maps. Deleted APP and reinstalled Charts from Apple store - twice - and rebooted twice, but still no joy. Not happy. Help!

You should at least offer the older Charts APP compatible with older iOS, otherwise you will be alienating many customers unable to use iOS 12.4 or newer.

Note that I have used Navigraph/Charts on iPAD and not Foreflight, for example, especially because it was backward compatible with old iOS, whereas Foreflight , a costlier real-life Nav APP, is not.

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Same here, I had to uninstall and reinstall the app. Obviously it’s too big a change to be deployed as a patch.

Exactly! I had a perfectly good working setup on my desk with 2 old ipads. 1 for navigraph and a mini for aviaworks remote cdu. It really isn’t right of them to “update” and break an app that was working for everyone. I haven’t seen any responses on the forum to this or in the discord other than basically I am out of luck and would need to get a new device to use. So wrong.

This only works for those that are running a more updated IOs. The eliminated some of the functionality of the old app for those of us that can’t update to charts 8. That’s the issue I was referring to starting this thread.


Are you able to launch the web app (https://charts.navigraph.com) in Safari or Chrome on your tablet, just to test?



No the webpage will not load the charts section in either safari or chrome. It just stays blank. Other portions of the webpage will load and I see the option for charts but they will not load. I wish that workaround would have been that simple.

Yeah, I’m sorry about this, but it indeed is an older device. We don’t have anything like it even to test on, and it doesn’t have many of the latest features needed to support this new version of the app. So, I’m sorry but we don’t really have many options here, and Apple pretty much locks you into a software freeze when your hardware is getting old. We can’t rebuild the app to support older technology either, it is just not feasible as it would limit our future development significantly.

If you really are now unable to use our apps, we can offer a refund if you contact account@navigraph.com.

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