Charts on older iOS

As I guess many others do, I use an old Ipad in my cockpit, an Ipad with iOS 9.
The Charts app does not work with this iOS, but that is understandable.
But I am neither able to access the web charts from Safari.

After clicking/pressing Sign in, nothing happens. Is this to be expected? Do I really need to buy a newer Ipad to use the Navigraph Charts?


Hi Rune,

Charts iOS wont work with that iOS version. You might try with different browsers although I recall this also had some problems. If successful please see Using Charts Cloud as fullscreen app on tablet or phone.

Otherwise there are medium spec iPads at reduced prices. It might be time to put in a late request to Santa. :slightly_smiling_face:


For those interested in a browser that works with IOS 9, the browser called “Snowbunny” available on the web store does work. However, their is no background, like airways etc. but the charts do appear when selected on the dropdown menu for the airport.