Odd crashes in XP 11.55r2 on iMac in Big Sur since installed 2110

Had a sim crash earlier. The log file (and the message posted on screen) said:

0:49:22.543 E/SYS: ±------------------------------------------------------------------------------
0:49:22.543 E/SYS: | While reading the directory text file, X-Plane found a path that has no file.
0:49:22.543 E/SYS: | This cannot be used in the installer.
0:49:22.543 E/SYS: | Please report this to X-Plane customer support at info@x-plane.com, and include the path below:
0:49:22.543 E/SYS: | Global Scenery/X-Plane 11 Global Scenery/Earth nav data/+10+160/
0:49:22.543 E/SYS: | (UTL_installer_directory.cpp:98)
0:49:22.543 E/SYS: ±------------------------------------------------------------------------------

My Global scenery has that directory as +10-160, which is how it’s been since 2017! So, the parsing is wrong, but why has this suddenly cropped up? I’ve “flown” over this area loads of times with no problems.

I’ve also had a couple of other crashes in the last couple of weeks, complaining that the CIFP directory wasn’t located, but it’s where it should be in default and custom locations … Nothing has changed in my installation. To double-check, I ran the installer. I’m wondering if it’s Navigraph’s data this month, as these crashes have only happened in the time after I installed their latest data - and I redid that, as well, the other day!

Running on a 2020 iMac - all solid state.

I also asked this in a .org forum, but no one has suggested anything.

Anyway, I just had another look at the crash message, and decided to see what would happen if I deleted the directory.txt file. I then started XP again, and it recreated it - with the same 2017 date as the original. I reloaded the last flight, and it did not crash. We’ll see!

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