NAV data updated making my XP11 crash


I’ve been flying last months with navigraph and it was all okay.

But since last week I’ve been having some problem and apparently, its because of data.

I thought that was some problem with plugins but then I deleted everything and installed again ( I did that 4 times just to make sure LoL) and it seems like its a data problem.

So, basically, when I join the game with the XP11 outdated data, it goes everything well but when I join with the updated data (AIRAC 2304), when I choose the airports on FMC it starts warning me with this pop-up.

Well, to be honest I just press “Ok” and everything goes well but then when I press any of that buttons (on the image below)

The game just shows this screen…

And I can’t do nothing because pressing the “Understood” button is insta crash and I go back to this screen

I tried to look every topic about data but I don’t find anything to this problem. If someone could help me with this, I would appreciate :slight_smile: Just wanna fly :smiley:


X-Plane 11 doesn’t have a RW26 at SCCI. Maybe you have an addon scenery? If so please remove it to confirm if the issue is the addon scenery.


Not at all. As I said before, I deleted everything and just installed the updated data and 1 aircraft to see if was a scenary/plugin problem but it was doing the same error.

I also tried with other plane and I still have the same error, and the proccedures don’t even load

sorry, to interrupt here but there is a temporary runway change at SCCI from runway 25 to runway 26 in the real world. You see this on our charts too:

In the stock scenery of XP11 you don´t have these runway 26 - and therefore the error:

The yellow markings are the runway-idents, you see no runway 26.

The terminal procedures in 2304 references to this runway 26 and can´t assign to XP11 due the missing runway. Thats the real reason for this error. Report this via Scenery-Gateway to XP possible they can release a short fix for this airport because as you see on the note of the chart - “until further notice”, so it´s unclear, when the runway-ident will be changed back to 25.

Hope that helps - it´s not a navdata issue, the data are correct but the stock scenery misses the temporary runway.


Well, that’s the answer that I got from them.

“No. Runway number changes can only be accomplished if the CIFP data is updated in XPlane, which happens with a delay of several months, normally.”

I’m not sure but I think I will have to wait several months.

Sorry, but that’s completely wrong and nonsense - because as I have shown you above - the runway data comes from a file called apt.dat and is part of XP11. This file “holds” the runway information as you see …

In the CIFP files are only the references to the runway which will be used in the terminal procedures. Normally, it should be the same but here, there is an additional runway 26. Last, the CIFP files will be updated monthly due our AIRACs and when you look into the SCCI.dat file (which is in the CIFP folder), you will see that there is a runway 26 … but again, the reference in the apt.dat file (so in the source-file of XP11) is missing.

Here the important part directly from the CIFP-file (SCCI.dat):

So, it´s an XP11 default issue rather a navdata issue … we don´t update this apt.dat file, that can only be updated by LR - via the Scenery-Gateway.


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