Not In Database Error

Like many others, I seem to be having issues with creating a flight plan.

I have just subscribed to Simbrief and I’m struggling to find any resolution.
Originally, I was trying to fly from NZWN - NZAA using the B777-300ER from CaptainSim.

The ATC will pick up the departure and arrival airports, however, I am unable to add any lines from that point forward.

The flight plan for this route is as follows:

When I try and enter Y127, it shows “NOT IN DATABASE”.

I then followed the YouTube tutorial by Atif Ahmad " Captain Sim Boeing 777-300 ER Tutorial for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020" and copied his exact flight plan, yet I was unable to enter the second line again, but he seems to do it just fine…

Any solutions?

first of all welcome at Navigraph and thanks for your posting.

I have tried to reproduce your report but I can´t. I don´t have the Captain Sim B777, so I have tested this with the stock B787, which (I assume) uses the same MSFS data which we offer.

Entered RUSIL Y127 OPABI on the RTE page:

… and as a result, the LEGS-page:

I get no error somewhere. The airway Y127 is resolved correctly with the ENBUG waypoint between. Sorry, not reproduce able, at least not with our data and the stock B787. Possible a Captain Sim issue?


Hi …,

In addition to Richard’s comments,

I can generate a plan in Simbrief using your plan text NZWN/34 UPLUD1P RUSIL Y127 OPABI DCT NZAA/23L and load it via MSFS Load plan at NZWN, it loads correctly into the CS777-300ER:


Apparently the 787-8i is because the 777-300R is a conversion of their 747-8i !?

If I try to manually enter into the FMC RUSIL VIA Y127 - … I too get the NOT IN DATABASE error,

so as Richard says this appears to be a Captain Sim issue, as the data is available.


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