MSFS 2020 - Problems with the ICAO code SBRJ - CRJ


I was starting a flight with Aerosoft’s new CRJ from SBBH to SBRJ, and when to my surprise there was SBRJ - Santos Dumont Airport in Rio de Janeiro.

I downloaded AIRAC from Navgraphic inside the “FMS Data Manual Installation”. When I looked at the files inside the AIRAC folder, there is the SBRJ file, but CRJ does not find it in the DATA BASE.

What to do?!


I can confirm this but it looks a bug in the CRJ because the same happens with the in the delivered data from Aerosoft. So, please report this to Aerosoft - it looks like a bug:

Here with the original navdata, which are included in the CRJ setup:


I have the answer … from the Aerosoft forum … you can´t select an airport, which doesn´t fullfill the runway-length requirements of the CRJ


Wow, how cool is that.

Thank you very much for your help and willingness to help!

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