Missing NZNS


I am trying to fly out of NZNS in the Aerosoft CRJ using the latest or previous AIRAC there was no NZNS in the MCDU database and I cant import from Simbrief if I use NZNS.

I saw a comment elsewhere about this - but it says its closed and solved. Not for me!

I am using the scenery from NZA thru Orbx - I am hoping this has been fixed - or is there something I can do. I do not know where the fault is!



Hi Mark,
the default rubway length for the CRJ is 4500 feet. The runway at NZNS is a little vit shorter and therefore you can’t enter it in their FMC.

This is not a navdata issue nor is the airport missing. Redice their default value and you will see, that you can enter it without any issues.


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