Not understanding point of navdata center

Loaded a simbrief plan. Navigraph imported plan with a star to kbdl. Import into msfs a310 fms- several wypts missing. Tried loading manually, not in database. Ran navdata center prior to starting msfs, it showed installed, and it’s in the content manager I went back to downloads, charts, and d/l’d for windows. Ran the executable, and the star and all the wypts show up.
So what is the navdata center app for?



The Navigraph Navdata Center is used to update the Navigation Data in MSFS and supported MSFS addons to the latest AIRAC release. You need to press the INSTALL button for each item:

You also need to check you have updated to the latest AIRAC in SimBrief.


Thanks for your response ian. I thought that was the purpose. I did press install, and the prompt turned to remove, so I think I “installed” it. The a310 fms loads the flight plan with all published wypts, however, if I put one of those same wypts in the prog page I get wypt not in database.
It’s this situation that confuses me. Shouldn’t I find every wypt in the airac in flight sim?


So we can replicate please provide flight plan (machine readable, so we can cut and paste). Please provide screenshots showing the errors and for which waypoints using Guide to posting Screenshots


sorry it took so long to get back to you.
here is the simbrief plan.
sdfbdl.txt (2.6 KB)

this is the portion of the flight plan

this is how the prog page worked with a previous wypt

this is what happens when i input stela

i don’t want you to waste a lot of your time on this, since it appears the flight plan in the fms works, and thats what counts. i’m not that confident that the a310 model is all that.

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