FBW A320 neo MCDU Airac cycle?

I recently have a subscription for Airac cycles only. I have run the Navigraph NavData Centre and installed the latest cycle 2113 rev. 1. It is present in Simbrief and also in MSFS 2020 as I can see the missing airports not in the MSFS original. As the Navigraph NavadataCentre only shows (under Simulator Base Packages)
Airac Cycle 2113 rev.1
Naviograph Charts In -Game Panel

How do I know that the FBW A320 MCDU has also been updated?


Hi Bob,


In FBW latest Dev MCDU DATA A/C STATUS page you should see:

With Navigraph Navdata

Without Navigraph Navdata


Hello Ian
Thanks for your reply. I have that date range in the MCDU so thats OK. I was wondering, we read a lot about emptying the community folder prior to Microsoft updates, do you recommend removing the airac info and then reinstalling after the update?
I remember that when using the old " FMS Data Manager" it would list all the addon aircraft and apps that were being updated. That was a very good feature. Is it likely to become a feature in a future update to the NavaDataCentre.

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Hi Bob,

If I am aware of the MSFS Update before I start MSFS, then even though not essential, I prefer to use Navigraph Navdata Center to Remove all Packages before updating MSFS. If not aware, I Remove and Install after the Update.

Navigraph Navdata Center currently updates our MSFS data and MSFS addons. We plan to make this the platform for all FS Navdata updates.