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I just wat to make sure I did all steps correctly. I installed Navigraph exe and ran it as instructed. I also have latest AIRAC Navigraph in MSFS 2020.

  1. It says: “You need an active Navigraph Ultimate or FMS Data subscription for it to work”. If I have FMS database subscriptions do I have to do anything at all? If I still have to activate anything, where do I need to do that?

  2. Do I have to run Navigraph app (desktop icon) every time I fly?

  3. Do I need to report all missing SIDs, STARs, navaids etc?
    Thanks for looking.



  1. You have an Ultimate subscription which includes FMS Data. You would have used this to sign in and run the Navdata Beta installer, to get the latest data.

  2. Your updated data is installed. You need only run this installer again when a new AIRAC is released. You would then press Remove and Install.

  3. You can report missing details as you wish. Note there are some Known Issues already reported.

Thank you for participating in the Beta.


OK. I have the same as it shows in the image. I guess I am good to go then. Thank you

Also MSFS Content Manager has a bug and shows Navigraph AIRAC CYCLE and other addons with a Status of Not Installed. Rest assured if you see Navigraph AIRAC CYCLE it is installed.
See also AIRAC CYCLE 2104 Rev.1 will not install on msfs2020


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