Not In Database (new data)

I made a flight plan and when I inputted one waypoint that one said NOT IN DATABASE but it was only one waypoint that didnt work

Ok, and how can we help now?


I was inputting waypoints for my flight plan and all of the them worked apart from 1

Is this now a question or a statement? Sorry, but I don´t know how I can help you …


Question, ik its only 1 waypoint but i just want to know

I also don´t know why one waypoint is not working - sorry but what should we do with such reports?

How should I know which flightplan you are using?
How should I know which waypoint are not working?
How should I know from which simulator and addon you´re speaking?

Sorry, but what do you expect now from us? You told us nothing only that one waypoint in your flightplan isn´t working …

Read this FAQ and try it again please - thank you


The waypoint was from a flightplan KLAX-RJTT it was a oceanic waypoint

I am not sure but i think it was 52N160W

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