Not able to sign into Navdata Center

I have the same problem. When I open Navdata Center app; it says access denied and prompts sign in. WHen I click sign in button it directs to edge browser for navigraph login. I complete login but nothing happens on navdata center app side.

Charts app work perfecty, simbrief works perfectly, in sim navigraph connection like WT garmin integrations work perfectly. I use edge as default browser. Navdata Center app is whitelisted in windows 10 firewall.

It is just Navdata center can’t login after the latest update.

Any solutions yet?

Hello Ozgur! Welcome to the forum.

The issue you describe is not the same as the OP of the last thread, and I moved your post to a new topic. Navigraph Charts and the Navdata Center both use the same technique to sign in, so if you would have had the same issue as mentioned in the other thread, both apps would have issues.

Additionally, the other thread describes a behavior where nothing happened when pressing the “Sign in” button, which as far as I understand is not the case here? Please advise if I have misunderstood the case!

What exactly do you mean by this? Is the app stuck showing the “Sign in” button? If not, please provide screenshots to further clarify the situation.

Kind Regards,