"Secure connection failed" when signing into Navdata Center

Hello, My name is Frans Kedde.

I have also problems with login to Navdata Center after the update from this program. When I will try to login I get the message:

Secure connection failed

Error connecting to identity.api.navigraph.com.

The page you want to view could not be displayed because the authenticity of the data received could not be verified.
Contact the website owners to inform them about this issue.
Login to Navigraph Charts gives no problems.

What is goïng wrong?

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Hello - chiming in to say the same here - new installation of NavData centre, clicking on signin opens this:


It’s been like this for most of my evening (London, UK)
Thank you, Louise

Hello Frans! And welcome to the forum Louise!

I am not sure that your issues are related since your descriptions differ slightly. Still, let’s go through some troubleshooting steps!

Our services are online without issues at the moment, so whatever is causing this for you lies somewhere between Amazon servers and your computer. Please have a look at:

  • Using another internet connection, such as your phone through cable/wifi
  • Disabling VPN and/or aggressive Antivirus software
  • Trying another device if possible to rule out device-specific network & certificate setups

Does the issue persist through all of these steps?

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Kind Regards,

Hello Skysail,
The problem of not being able to log in to Navdata Center has been solved. I made some changes to the settings of the Firefox web browser and suddenly I managed to log in. So the problem was a security setting of de Firefox Webbrowser.

Good morning Malte,
Thank you for the quick response and warm welcome - great to be here.

I disabled my NordVPN app and that fixed it.

Strange - I don’t think it’s been a problem previously, but thank you so much for the fix!

Have a lovely day and happy new year,


I’m happy to hear that it got resolved for both of you!

We’ve had some issues with NordVPN recently, mainly due to their threat detection functionality which for some reason interferes with our applications & sign-in processes. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Happy new year!

Kind Regards,

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