NO STARs into KORD RWY 04R after SU5

After yesterday’s big sim update, I have no STARs into KORD for example for runway 04R. Without the navigraph navdata they’re there.

Thanks for the great work!

this has nothing todo with SU5. There is a runway missing at KORD in the MSFS default scenery and therefore their flightmanagement supress all STARs.

There are a few topics/questions here in the forum too (previous sim-versions).

Here one of it and Ian explains it:

Sorry, we can’t do anything, thats the logic of the sim. When you use a 3rd party scenery (ie FSDT) you wil see that all procedures are included and selectable.


PS: thank you very much for your kind words. We will do our best :wink:

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