No Simlink Plugin Installed

Hi all,

I signed up for Navigraph yesterday and all seemed to work well. One issue i have is with Simlink. The app itself installed, but is it supposed to install a plugin into my X-Plane / Resources / Plugins directory? There is nothing added there.

When i go into the Simlink app and look at statuses it also can’t find any plugins or active flights.

Any ideas. Apologies if i am missing something obvious here!

To help, I have X-Plane on an external drive. When I ran the Installer i selected my main internal drive as that’s where i wanted the app installed. Should i have selected the external drive instead?


Hi James,


In Navigraph Simlink Plugin Settings select Uninstall Simlink, make sure you are pointed the X-Plane 11 path and select Install Simlink.


That’s great thanks. When I was selecting that Plugin Settings option yesterday no window was popping up at all. Today it did. Thanks!

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