MSFS Navdata issue with FBW

Installing or updating the A32NX deletes navdata for me. Have to reinstall.



  • shut down sim
  • upload content.xml file likely at
    %localAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache or %appData%\Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • delete content.xml
  • start sim and then shut down again
  • reinstall navdata using latest Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0.3 (or later).
  • Please check data. If an issue please upload content.xml


It’s enough if I just reinstall navdata and then relaunch MSFS. But I have to do this every single time after an update or install of A32NX. This never happened before. I don’t know where the problem is — whether it’s with the navdata, MSFS or A32NX, but all parties have been notified so hopefully you can come up with a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please upload your content.xml file … no addon (scenery nor aircraft) deletes any navdata package. Aircraft use the data only but don’tadd any information in this content.xml file. So, it´s impossible, that the FBW deletes a package.

You must have an other glitch on your system and to find this out, we need more information:

  1. Do you use the latest Navigraph Navdata Center (at least v1.0.3)
  2. Do you use AddonLinker or similar ?
  3. Do you have 3rd party sceneries installed?
  4. Do you start the Navigraph Navdata Center before you start your sim ? Please doas this is an important step. We are working on it to start this app automatically, so that you can´t forget it.
  5. As I have requested before, please upload your content.xml file here

Thank you very much. With your help, we shall find a solution, we have found it on every issue till now …


I know of at least 6 other people in our discord who have the exact same problem. Maybe it’s not the A32NX but I know this:

I can launch MSFS 100 times and everything will be fine. When I update A32NX to a newer version and launch MSFS, the Navigraph navdata is gone. I have not found any other situation where it would disappear, including installing new airports or installing new aircraft, e.g. Aerosoft CRJ, PMDG DC-6, etc.

Re 1: Yes.
Re 2: No.
Re 3: Yes.
Re 4: No. I only run it when I need to update the AIRAC. The need to have this app running constantly in the background is a bad idea.
Re 5: Attached.
Content.xml (16.1 KB)


You can also start the Navigraph Navdata Center and close it immediately BEFORE you start the sim. When this is more comfortable for you, this is also ok … the important part is only, that this step should be done before you start the sim - every time. Only with this start-stop (or background) you can be sure that all packages are in the correct order … this scenery file is very tricky and you have no possibility to prioritize the packages, therefore this is the only solution to place the packages on the correct order - thru an app.

What version of FBW do you use? Stable - Dev - Experimental? I will try to reproduce …

Thank you

Everybody wants to run in the background. Volanta, Logitech, Razer, Simbrief Downloader, AAO, Simlink, etc. … if I let every app that wants to run in the background, run in the background, I’d have over 20 apps in my taskbar just wasting resources. :smiley:

Since when is it required to launch Navigraph Navdata Center before running MSFS? I have never done this since MSFS came out and this is the first time I have issues. Could you please explain what launching Navdata Center (or post a link to an explanation) does exactly, if I don’t press the “remove” and “install” buttons? It edits the Content.xml file before every launch? How exactly?

I have been using stable 0.7.3 for the past few weeks since DEV was causing CTDs but switched to DEV yesterday, because of an issue with a CTD caused by navdata (separate thread here, entering 04L for arrival at EFHK causes instant CTD for stable A32NX).

most of the apps don´t need to run permanent in the background, same for the Navigraph Navdata Center, but it helps a lot to not forget to start the apps before you do something. Nearly every app can be closed but must be started to a specific moment and that´s what make such small apps (approx. 100-200 Mb in memory) very helpful for the end-user - he can´t forget to start it … and that´s the reason to run also the Navigraph Navdata Center in the background, and of course all your other apps too.

So, why is this now important:
As we have described in our newsletter and here in our blog, the navdata update contains now two packages (instead of one in the past) and both packages will be placed on a specific position in the user content.xml file. That means, in that moment, when the content.xml file will be changed (ie. you install a new scenery), the Navigraph Navdata Center re-orders your content.xml file immediately, to be sure that the priority of each package/line is correct. That is only possible when you have run the Navigraph Navdata Center …

So, you have two possibilities:

  1. run it in the background, that you can´t forget this
  2. start the Navigraph Navdata Center, start the sim and after the sim is started, close the Navigraph Navdata Center
    or there is a 3rd option also:
    Start the sim → close the sim → start the Navigraph Navdata Center → close the Navigraph Navdata Center → start the sim again

You see, you don´t really need to run the Navigraph Navdata Center permanently in the background, but for me it´s more useful when it does and it helps not to forget something todo in the correct order.

Last to the EFHK issue, which is solved:
As you have figured out - it works with the dev-version but crashed with the stable version. So, it can´t be a navdata issue because when, it should crashed with all versions and also not only with FBW because the files will be used by all other in-game aircrafts too.

Hope that helps,

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