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I have this problem too. Navigation database look as near empty. Only airports can be selected. My Content.xml is attached.
Content.xml (5.9 KB)

in your case the content.xml file looks ok so far, so I guess it´s some 3rd party scenery … try following:

  1. close the sim
  2. move ALL packages (excluding the navigraph-packages) from your community folder somewhere outside of the community folder (you only need to move it)
  3. after that, start your sim and try it again

Let us know the result than please

PS: do you use AddonLinker or similar tools?

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Thank you, the problem is solved. The AddonLinker is used.

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May I ask, what you have done now? What was the reason for your issue …
It´s only to understand what happened behind the scene … therefore the question, thank you!


The cause of the problem is unknown. Something to do with updates FBW A32NX, Navigraph Navdata Center, AIG AI Manager.
I followed exactly the following instructions:

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Thanks Andrew for sharing your solution!

Happy flying & let us know, whenever you any question/issue/ideas …


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Hello everybody
This is my first message on Navigraph Forum
I hope i’m in a correct place
I’have same problem after Airac 2112: dataBase in MSFS is empty
Here is below what I have done
I found Content.xml
File has been recorded empty
Started MSFS and then I have again NavBlue procedures with SID STAR etc…
A look to Content.xml who then is 8ko size ( no empty )
Reinstalled Navigraph using NavData Center
Restarted MSFS and then again no more procedure all is empty again

Is it possible to upload her content.xml file before and after reinstalling Navigraph Navdata ?
Thank’s for help

Found solution !!!
I was’nt using last Navigraph Navdata version 1.0.2

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