No flightplan in navigraph charts

After inserting a flight in Simbrief and their after generate the flight (OFP), it does not appear in Navigraph Charts.
However in all other programs like LNM, Aivlasoft, MSFS2020 (all via Simbrief Downloader) the flight is present. Only Navigraph Charts remains to show a flight from days ago and not the latest one!
I have tried to log out and after that to log in with my Navigraph account in Simbrief resp. Simbrief Downloader but that does not solve the problem. What is going wrong?

Hi, you might need to update your username in the Charts settings. If you chose not to import your old SimBrief account data when you first logged in to SimBrief through your Navigraph account, your username might have changed.

In the Charts settings, make sure your username is set correctly. You can view your account username here:

In a future Charts update, it won’t be necessary to enter the username since SimBrief accounts and Navigraph accounts are now one and the same. But until then, try updating the username and it should work.

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Hi, thanks for your solutions, it works fine!
But now I got another problem. I’am using the Fly by wire A320N plane as well as the Working Title CJ4 Mod in MSFS2020.
Both MCU’s work with loading the flightplan direct from Simbrief. Here I get the same problem as the previous one with Navigraph Charts! When loading the flightplan into the MCU’s I still get the old flightplans in and not the actual ones. To let this feature work, I have to give my Simbrief number into the MCU’s. That number is green, so it is ok. In the near past all works fine. But not now!? Can you help me with this problem to solve?

Hi, you will need to update your SimBrief ID as well in these add-ons (it probably also changed). You can check your ID here:

Thanks again for your quick and marvelous support! All works perfect now, although it wasn’t very transparent with the combi of two different accounts (navigraph and simbrief).

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