Can't download FP from Simbrief to Navigraph

When trying to download a Flight Plan from Simbrief into Navigraph, I keep getting this popup; SimBrief username:my user name doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP. I have several Flight Plans saved in Simbrief so I don’t understand why I’m getting this


I think you might have entered your First/Last name as the username in Charts. In the Charts settings, make sure to enter “Powerman65” as your username.

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In Navigraph, I’m logged in as Powerman65, In Simbrief I am logged In as my first and last name. Are you referring to Simbrief where I should be logged in as Powerman65?

Steve Townsend

Hi Steve,

Make sure you enter your SimBrief username Powerman65 in Charts settings:


See also Problem importing OFP flightplan from SimBrief into NaviGraph


Got it!!! Thanks for the visual aids. It made it so much clearer to understand. Thanks again so much!!!

Steve Townsend

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Hi Steve,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.