Simbrief OFP not ackowledged in Navigraph

Hi, I just created a plan in Simbrief but am not able to view it in Navigraph when I go to ‘New Flight’ > ‘From Simbrief’. Navigraph tells me " SimBrief username: * * doesn’t seem to have any saved OFP". I do have a saved OFP in Simbrief. This has never happened before. I am now accessing Simbrief with my Navigraph account name and password. Let me know what is causing this issue and how to fix it.



Please load or create a flight then press Generate Flight. After the green bar, you should have an OFP ready to be imported into Charts.

Please let us know how you get on.


that is exactly what I have done and the OFP plan from Simbrief just won’t transfer to Navigraph. This happened once I started logging into Simbrief with the Navigraph username and password. It never happened before.

I Have exactly the same issue. It also does not work with the A32NX EFB “From Simbrief” Button. It does not load the latest OFP even when I press “Generate Flight”.

… to add to my original post, when I select “Download” (to my specific aircraft), within Simbrief, and then look for that Plan in the FMS in that specific aircraft, the plan created as on OFP in Simbrief will not appear as an available ‘route’ in the FMS. Not sure if this issue is connected to the original issue but I thought I would mention that as well.


If you did not import your SimBrief data when you first logged in through Navigraph, you may need to update the username/ID you have set in various add-ons (including Charts).

Please see here for your current SimBrief username and Pilot ID:

In a future update, you won’t need input your username into Charts since they are both using Navigraph accounts now. But until then, just update the username and it should work.

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Hi and thank you. I’ll try and let you know if it works.

I followed the link provide above, created a new user name and password in Navigraph, then went back into Simbrief (through Navigraph) and created a quick OFP. The Navigraph Charts application continues to look for my prior Simbrief user name before acknowledging the new OFP from Simbrief. Does it take some time for the new Navigraph credentials to connect with Simbrief?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “created a new user name and password in Navigraph”.

Do you mean you changed your Navigraph username? That wasn’t quite what I was suggesting, but it doesn’t matter either way. :slight_smile:

It looks like your Navigraph username is now “Vortex21”. Simply enter this into the Charts settings like so:

Then go to Flights → New Flight → From SimBrief, and it should see your latest flight plan (KCRP-KSAT at time of writing).

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My bad. . . LOL :crazy_face:

It’s working now! Thanks so much. I have a couple of other questions related to the FMS systems from 2 different aircraft. Is it ‘ok’ if I continue with this exchange?

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